Capital Investment and Liquidity

Aptis Group works closely with families, owners and managers of successful businesses that seek growth capital, partial liquidity or are going through ownership transition. We provide access to tailored liquidity solutions to meet their unique needs and goals.

We believe value creation takes time and patience. We partner with our investors and our businesses’ management teams to pursue simple but effective “buy and build” strategies that enhance long-term value.

Management Consulting

Aptis Group combines expertise in finance and technology with management consulting to provide tailored financial strategies to clients that can improve operational performance and deliver actionable insights into initiatives. Our services include strategic planning and analysis for sustainable growth, advisory on acquisitions and divestitures, combined with referrals or appointments to Private Equity and VC funding partnerships, or non-dilutive funding for MVPs, acquisitions, divestitures and more.

Software Design, Development, and Maintenance

Web App Capabilities

Aptis Group designs responsive applications across browsers, tablets, and smartphones, with the ability to offer service over modern cloud platforms, containerization, and deployment automation that can work offline and sync data periodically.

Our design and development works are focused on delivering polished, user-friendly, accessible user experiences for our clients’ audiences, leveraging from complex workflows, interactions, and visualizations, along with multi-tenant systems that scale to the unique needs of each project.

Mobile App Capabilities

Our solutions are designed for cross-platform or native iOS/Android, with the ability to integrate and manage complex workflows, interactions, and visualizations. We integrate gateway and management applications for IoT devices; Bluetooth and BLE communication, combined with a polished, user-friendly, accessible user experience. Our services are cloud-backed and can work offline, syncing data periodically.

IoT / Device Software Capabilities

Aptis Group performs product development services for industrial, commercial, and consumer systems, with extensible agile-developed firmware continuously test monitored. Our service offering provides remote device management and updates, along with end-user and administrative web/mobile applications that have Bluetooth/BLE connectivity.

Desktop App Capabilities

Our services provide cross-platform or native development for Windows, macOS, and Linux environments, with systems that harness local computing power, direct file system integration, and access to peripherals. Our design and development services extend to improving legacy systems that can be rearchitected, or migrated to web/cloud using modern technologies, integrated smoothly with ERPs, CRMs, etc.

Cloud Capabilities

Aptis Group partners with platforms for foundation/backend of IoT, web, mobile, and desktop systems, where our services migrate existing applications and enterprise systems to the cloud, converting monolithic applications to microservice architectures, or creating new applications in the cloud using microservices. We leverage off AWS, Azure, or other specialized platforms that we can integrate to maximize client value.